Grand Master

Grand Master Kwang Suk ChoiGrand Master Kwang Suk Choi

Grand Master Choi was born in Incheon South Korea. At a young age he began learning the traditional Korean martial way from his father, and at thirteen years of age, he began learning the way of Hap Ki Do under Kuksanim Myung Jae Nam.

By the age of sixteen, his desire to learn the complexities of life led him to begin his study at the Buddhist Dharma Temple. For years his life was filled with early mornings of practicing martial arts in the mountains, followed by long days of study at the temple. There he studied under Civilian Dharma Master Park Wan Il, and Zen Master Whasundang Yangil Sun Sa Nim, where after years of study and practice he was awarded title of Civilian Dharma Leader, a teacher for the people and a community leader.

After twenty years of studying and instructing Hap Ki Do and Buddhist Dharma in Korea, teaching and demonstrating specialized techniques to different military, police, and United Nations forces, and accompanying the International H.K.D. Federation Demonstration Team all over the world, he made the difficult decision to move to Canada. It was a decision fueled not only by the great opportunity Canada presents, but as well an obligation to the way of Hap Ki Do and  Dharma to guide the old world tradition of martial way, to a new world society.

Grand Master Kwang Suk Choi at age 16

In January of 1986 Grand Master Choi arrived in Canada, and by July of that year had opened Moo Gong Kwan’s first location on River Road S., moving once more to Lansdowne St. W. before settling at 733 Park St. South.

Grand Master Choi is 9thDegree Black Belt Dosun, in Hap Ki Do,8th Degree Moo Gong Kum Do Beop,  the Vice-President of the International H.K.D. Federation, and the Founder and President of  Moo Gong Kwan.

A few of Grand Master Choi’s personal achievements include a Bachelor’s degree from Hea Dong University and a Graduate’s degree from Dong Kuk University; he is the Civilian Dharma Leader with Nine Mountains Zen Gate Society, a member of the Shaolin Temple, KyungHyang Media Group Sports World President, Former Ontario Korean Businessman’s Association Peterborough president, Former Korean language school principal, Korean & American movie star instructor and choreographer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, successful business man, PGA Golf Pro, loving husband, and a proud father of three.