Rules, Tenets & Terminology

The proper etiquette and behavior is paramount to the practice of Hap Ki Do and the Martial Way. The following are a list of tenets and guidelines to be strictly observed while considering the practice of Hap Ki Do.

Always remember, a martial artist must be always humble. A true martial art begins and ends with ‘Moo’: thus never forget that the path begins and ends with etiquette.   


  1. If something cannot be understood during training, assume a learning attitude and begin from the start
  2. Always bow properly before teachers and seniors
  3. During training, always act politely and courteous, no rude or playful actions shall be carried out
  4. Before seniors and elders, do not drink or smoke before being permitted
  5. When a Master or senior member walks, always be one step behind, and no tasks may be performed before the senior, unless you are permitted to do so.
  6. Upon a visit from a Master or honoured guest, you must stop your training and bow properly, before restarting
  7. One must fully understand the martial path to be harsh, but shall not fear the harshness to come
  8. The Ki of the nature shall always protect those who observe and cultivate it, you must never fear or hesitate
  9. Always be grateful towards your Master and Teacher, and have great pride in being a Hapkidoist
  10. Even the tiniest insect has a soul, do not disturb another life for any small reason
  11. The following must be displayed at all times.


    Hap Ki Do Tenets:

Moo Gong Kwan Tenets:

1. Best Etiquette
2. Best Effort
3. Best Self Protection
4. Be a True Martial Doist

The 10 Lessons of Hap Ki Do

  1. A Hapkidoist is one with nature and Ki (external and internal energies), and the Ki (cultivated energy) of the heavens and earth are your protectors
  2. Walk the Do (path) that bring you together with Ki (all energies)
  3. Be a Doist whose most basic principle is defence
  4. Like the nature’s Ki (energy), be true to the proper Do (way)
  5. Do not criticize other martial art forms
  6. Contribute to the well being of your country, community and people
  7. Be a Doist who prioritizes order and etiquette
  8. Concentrate on the proper Do (path) to expand the Ki (energy) channels
  9. Learn the techniques with all your effort and heart
  10. Be a humble leader who respects all persons

Black Belt Rankings




 Basic Terminology:

Cha Liot – ‘Attention’

Kyung Lay – ‘Bow’

Pa Low – ‘Return’

Hae Son – ‘That’s All’

Kam SaHam Ne Da – ‘Thank You’

Sa Bum Neem – ‘Instructor’

Ki Yup – ‘Yell’

Jhoon Be – ‘Begin’

Nak Bub – ‘Break Fall’