The School

“Hap Ki Do: The Way of Harmonized Energy”

The immediate aim of Hap Ki Do is of course the welfare of the individual who is practicing.  Not only will the skills in self defense be attained, but more importantly the character of the individual will be developed as well.

Etiquette is the source of Hap Ki Do. Never disregard “Moo” or “Martial Way”, for Hap Ki Do begins with, is followed during and always ends with etiquette.  A well rounded individual can only be realized when the mind, body, and spirit is true.

Not only are compassion, courtesy, respect, modesty, loyalty, generosity, and dedication extremely virtuous in Hap Ki Do, but they are also the rewards that one will achieve.



Hap Ki Do training provides complete physical and mental conditioning which improves balance, posture, flexibility, timing, muscle tone, joint strength and most importantly self awareness.

Hap Ki Do combines punches, kicks, throws, blocks, attacks, defense, and counter attacks as well as over 4800 techniques which involve grabs, holds, weapons, and most notably pressure points.

The art of Hap Ki Do focuses on the direction and flow of energy, how to to take hold of this energy and learn to use it to ones advantage.



Hap Ki Do does not judge, nor discriminate against age, race, religion, culture or gender.