Martial Way

The heart of Korean martial philosophy stems from the desire of expanding the mind and strengthening the body, to improve the individual within every aspect of their life. This is achieved by providing the individual with the fundamental tools and guidelines shaped by a traditional foundation of over 2000 years experience.

The body and mind are connected through different pathways, and it is the strengthening of these connections that the practice of Hapkido turns its focus to. With regular and focused practice of Hapkido, these connections positively benefit the body and mind, and begin the process of achieving self betterment.

During regular practice, every exercise, movement, and technique has been developed over centuries and taught to benefit the health of the three main pathways or connections between the body and mind; the spinal column and vertebra; the central nervous and circulatory systems; and the joints and ligaments.

The overall goal of Hapkido is achieving the best mental, physical, and spiritual health of the individual; increased flexibility, stamina, understanding, control, strength, excellent self defence, confidence, and self worth are some of the by-products.